8 Subconscious Money Blocks Keeping You From Getting Rich

When we fail to manifest abundance, the most common reason is that we’re unknowingly thwarting our own intentions. Limiting beliefs can cause a whole host of problems and money is not an exception. So, are these 8 subconscious money blocks keeping YOU from getting rich?

Here are some quick and effective tips to help you overcome the 8 subconscious money blocks that are getting in your way.

8 Money Blocks To Remove From Your Life

1. Believing You Don’t Deserve Money

If you grew up believing that abundance was something that happened to other people, you might think you’re not good enough to get rich. Challenge this with a daily affirmation: “I deserve wealth, and I am moving towards a life of abundance.”

2. Negative Assumptions About Money

Write down every negative message you’ve ever heard about money, whether it’s from family, society, religion or pop culture. Next to each belief, write down a corresponding positive belief, and focus on those (e.g. “Money is the root of all evil” becomes “I am a good person, no matter how much or little money I have”).

3. Cues From Your Environment

Does your home or work environment subconsciously tune your mind into a vibration of lack rather than abundance? Common blocks of this type include small change carelessly lying around, poorly organized receipts, and items that remind you of your hardest times. Reframe your environment to reframe your thoughts.

4. Blindness To Signs

You might be used to tuning out or discrediting gut instincts feel so that this attitude is ingrained in your subconscious. However, this means you’ll miss signs from the Universe that are trying to point you towards wealth! A 10-minute daily meditation practice can help to strengthen your intuition.

5. An Excessively Giving Mindset

Being generous is great, but to manifest abundance you need to be both a giver and a receiver. Are you asking the Universe to help you and then refusing what it brings? Remember that your worth isn’t only defined by what you can provide for others—it’s healthy, positive and your right to want things for yourself as well.

6. Lack Of Specificity

Even if you think you’ve set a clear intention in your Law of Attraction work, many people don’t realize that their subconscious has pushed them to set very vague goals that are hard to visualize and hard to attain. Don’t be afraid to set your mind on a specific amount of money and a specific timespan—this specificity is what gets results.

7. Low Expectations

Whether it’s your ability to gain abundance or your faith in the Law of Attraction that’s lacking, a mind that’s full of doubts or low expectations will not be able to harness the energy required for a wealthy life. Reading manifestation success stories can help you boost your vibration and give you powerfully positive expectations.

8. Fear Of Success

Finally, your subconscious mind may actually be terrified of getting what it wants! Write down the anxieties you have about success—for example, perhaps you worry you still won’t be happy, or aren’t responsible enough to have huge amounts of money. As with block number 2 above, write down a reason to contradict each of those anxieties, and repeat those positive statements every day.


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